Wi–Fi® Security for a Wireless World™ provides you with commercial–grade security for your Internet connection when you’re on the road. Whether you use Wi–Fi® access points, hotel room network connections, or other, non–trusted networks, makes sure that your Internet transmissions are protected from eavesdropping. provides you with data security on the road - without the hardware, software, and expensive IT department that you usually need with Virtual Private Networks. Send and receive email without worrying that the guy with the latte is reading your email and stealing your passwords. Instant Message with colleagues from client sites without anyone being able to tap in. Keep your information private, and make sure your online business stays your business.

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Do I Need

Whether you need depends on how you connect to the Internet and the location from which you connect. If you use publicly accessible Wi–Fi® hotspots then you definitely should use If you use a wired network or a Personal Hotspot, the answer is more complicated. See our guide for questions which will help you answer the question "Do I Need"

I use public Wi–Fi® hotspots. Why do I need

You need because when you use public Wi–Fi® hotspots, all the information you send to and receive from the Internet is sent over the air in the clear. Wi–Fi® is a radio, broadcasting everything to anyone who bothers to listen. Web pages, emails and passwords, instant message traffic, everything that’s not encrypted is readable by anyone in the area. uses industry–standard Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology to create a secure tunnel between your laptop and the servers. When you connect to, all your Internet traffic goes through this encrypted tunnel, preventing users nearby from intercepting your information.

For more information, see our "How Does It Work?" page.

How do I use

Using is simple:

  1. Create a account using the Create Account link above.
  2. Purchase a block of time using our secure server. You can buy months and years of access.
  3. Set up your VPN client using the instructions in the Support section.
  4. Log on to your Wi–Fi HotSpot or plug into your network jack as normal.
  5. When you’re connected, connect to using the VPN client built into your Operating System.
  6. That’s it! Now all your Internet communication is encrypted, so nobody in your local area can see what you’re doing.
  7. When you're done, disconnect from and your HotSpot or wired network as normal.

For information about setting up your VPN client, see the Support section.

System Requirements

The system requirements vary, but at a minimum you need a Wi–Fi or wired network adapter on your computer and access to the public Internet. supports a variety of Operating Systems.

Officially supported Operating Systems

Microsoft™ Windows 8, Windows 10
Apple Mac OS X 10.12, 10.11, 10.10
iOS devices
Android devices with newer versions of Android; L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN are supported.

Unofficially supported Operating Systems

Any computer that can connect to an L2TP/IPsec or OpenVPN based VPN.

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