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Whenever you use an internet connection in a public or publically accessible place, you put your data at risk. The internet connection may be a free or commercial Wi–Fi hotspot, an Ethernet network jack in your hotel room, or a network drop in the office you’re visiting. Your data may be your email usernames and passwords, your emails, Instant Messages, web passwords, and all the web pages you visit. All of it can be intercepted easily and quickly by persons unknown, without your knowledge.

Corporate IT departments know this, which is why corporations provide Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to their Road Warriors: to protect their communications. No corporate VP wants their salespeople emailing sales quotes, sales reports, or strategy over a non-secure network. No development manager wants the company’s source code being sent over easily-intercepted communication links. No management person wants confidential information being read by a third-party. No technically savvy person wants their email flowing across an insecure wireless connection. That’s why all of them use their corporate VPN when they’re out of the office. is for people who are independents, small business owners, those who don’t qualify for VPN access at work, or for corporate workers concerned about acceptable-use policies. provides you with wireless and wired security and protection from the prying eyes of both the curious and the malicious. Instead of worrying about hackers or the technical details of setting up your own VPN, just sign up with and your VPN will be availalble anytime, from anywhere.

For Wi–Fi Users

For Wi-Fi users, a VPN protects your data by closing the ‘air-gap.’ The ‘air-gap’ is simply the distance between your laptop and the internet access point. All the data that flows across that gap is unencrypted - meaning anyone within range of your internet access point can read all your emails, see the websites you visit, and steal all the website passwords you enter.

A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your laptop and the internet access point, and all your information passes through this encrypted tunnel. This prevents others from intercepting your data, protecting your information and your identity. provides you with VPN access, so you can bridge the air–gap in a simple, reliable, low-cost manner.

For Wired Users

A VPN isn’t as important for wired users as it is for Wi–Fi users — as long as you trust the people providing the service. If you plug into a network drop at a client site, it’s possible that their IT staff will intercept your internet traffic. That may include strategy emails, pricing spreadsheets, technical consultations with your staff, all valuable information to have during a sales negotiation.

A VPN is just good business practice. The client (or potential client) may or may not be ethical, but there’s no reason for you to find this out during contract negotiations. Instead, proactively protect your information by subscribing to

For Small Businesses

Small businesses need VPN access more than large businesses. In a small business, every person on the road is important, and every employee is carrying information vital to your company’s survival. The emails that your workers send contain observations, notes, strategy documents, sales approaches, and ideas that will define the future of your company. All of them need to be protected against prying eyes.

But setting up your own VPN can be a costly headache, especially if employees are out of the office occasionally. Instead, let provide the VPN for you, and concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

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