Do I Need

For some users makes sense, for some users it doesn‘t. The questions below will help you decide whether is for you.

Do you use Wi-Fi® in coffee shops, hotels, convention centers, airports, parks, truck stops, or any other out-of-the-home location?

If yes, then is right for you! will protect you against Wi-Fi® snoops, keeping you information safe.

Do you use the Internet (wired or Wi-Fi®) when you travel overseas?

If yes, then is right for you! By using, you can protect your data from interception by third parties and bypass any internet-related content filters imposed by your host country.

Do you use a cellular internet connection?

If you use your cellphone or mobile hotspot's internet connection, then you don't need PublicVPN. Your carrier's cell network is fine and secure enough.

Do you use the wired internet connections in hotels?

If yes, then might be right for you. While hotel networks can be secure, it's unclear how safe they are. Your hotel staff most likely are not network experts.

Do you use dial-up internet connections?

If yes, then isn't a good fit. Your dialup link is secure.

Do you use Wi-Fi® network at home?

If yes, then isn't a good fit. is designed for out of the house use. Instead, configure your wireless access point and computer to use the wireless security built into your wireless setup, known as Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP). If your wireless access point supports it, use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), which is generally considered more secure.

Do you use wired network at home all the time?

If yes, then isn't a good fit. is designed for out-of-the-house use. Your wireline connection is safe against snooping.

Do you connect to the Internet using your cellphone or cellular modem/PC Card?

If you connect to the Internet using your cellphone or a cellular modem/PC Card, you don't need PublicVPN. The signal that your cellphone (or cell modem) uses is encrypted, and is very difficult to intercept and crack. The specific encryption type depend on your provider, but pretty much all providers these days provide automatic encryption. The only exception to this may be really old cellular analog modems, but it's unclear whether those are still supported by any provider.

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