How does work? uses industry–standard Virtual Private Networking (VPN) techology to create a secure tunnel between your laptop and the servers. When you connect to, all your Internet traffic goes through this encrypted tunnel, preventing any user from intercepting your information.

Without, all the information you send and receive can be intercepted by nefarious individuals because your WiFi connection is insecure. Public Wi-Fi is not encrypted by default, so all your information is sent "in the clear." Wi-Fi is a radio, broadcasting all your communication to anyone within range.

By using, your computer creates a secure, encrypted link between your laptop and the servers. All your information is encrypted (scrambled), so all people see is random junk. Your information traverses the WiFi link safely, away from prying eyes.

Instead of this (IP address, username, and password masked):

Or this (login and password information masked):

They would see this:

For information on VPNs, see the VPN entry in the wikipedia.

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